Hush! is the seventy-nine episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Air DateEdit

April 28, 2012


Young Bruce Wayne and Young Thomas Elliot witness a battle between the first Green Lantern and Icicle.

Main PlotEdit

31 years later, Batman confronts the mysterious Hush, who may have a past with him.


  • It is revealed that Hush's story was: Born a child of wealth and privilege, young Thomas Elliot, later to become Hush, was close friends with Bruce Wayne. Bruce's father, Thomas Wayne, was happy to see the two bond, and felt that Bruce finally found a friend that he could relate to. Thomas and Bruce enjoyed playing games of strategy, Thomas always seemingly outmaneuvering the otherwise brilliant Bruce. One day, Thomas Wayne took Bruce and Thomas with him on a business trip to Metropolis. They were instructed to stay in their hotel room, but they snuck out to see the big city whereupon they witnessed a battle between the formerly retired super-hero Green Lantern (Alan Scott) and his old nemesis the Icicle (Joar Mahkent). A short time later, Bruce's parents met an untimely demise at the whim of mugger Joe Chill's two bullets. Thomas discovered that Bruce had inherited the entire Wayne family fortune. Jealous of his affluent friend, Thomas crafted a scheme to earn his own fortune. He severed the brake lines to his parents' car, sending the vehicle caroming off the side of the road. Thomas' father was instantly killed, but his mother survived. Thomas eventually came into possession of the fortune that he so desperately wanted, but had to wait years, watching his mother suffer and ultimately succumb to cancer. Twisted by his own greed, he inwardly blamed Bruce for his perceived good fortune – a mentality that one day fueled an elaborate plot to destroy him.


  • Thomas Elliot: (unmasked) What do ya say, Bruce? We loved playing games with each other, we're best friends, please, give me one second chance.
  • Bruce Wayne: I'm sorry.
  • Thomas Elliot: It's okay.
  • Bruce Wayne: No, I'm sorry for what you have become.


  • Diedrich Bader as Batman
  • James Garrett as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Adam West as Thomas Wayne
  • Julie Newmar as Martha Wayne
  • Corey Burton as Alan Scott
  • Tom Kenny as Icicle
  • Troy Baker as Hush