Duel of the Double Crossers! is the twenty-first episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
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Duel of the Double Crossers!

Air DateEdit

June 12, 2009


Batman and Green Arrow retrieve two golden cat statues from Catwoman. Even though her henchmen are defeated, Catwoman escapes.

Main PlotEdit

Mongul saves Jonah Hex's life but then forces Hex to work as his bounty hunter in order to recruit soldiers for his Warworld. When he crosses paths with Batman following his fight with Zebra-Man, Hex captures Batman and reveals that he is working off a debt that will allow him to return to his own time. On Warworld, Batman fights Steppenwolf and other aliens in Mongul's gladiator arena. Jonah Hex also has his encounters Mongul's sister Mongal and her fighters Lashina and Stompa. He and Batman try to free the aliens.


  • In several shots, the prisoners don't appear in the same tubes during the battle in the time tunnel chamber. For instance, Batman is against a pillar and Mongul misses him with a punch, and the "space pirate" from the arena is seen even with Mongul. When Jonah jumps and fires his gun, the same alien is now even with Jonah, much closer to the time tunnel. When Jonah shoots Mongul, a gray-skinned alien with a movies Alien-type head can be seen to his right. Mongul throws a piece of floor at Jonah and the same alien is seen to Jonah Hex's left. And when Batman is thrown against a tube at floor level, a short bow-legged alien is seen to his right, but a few scene cuts later as Mongul calls them unworthy, the same alien is on the second tier of tubes.
  • During the opening, Batman and Green Arrow are tied to a pillar. Their ropes change positions repeatedly.
  • During the opening, Catwoman slashes Batman's chest with four claws. At first, there are four slashes, but in later shots there are only three slashes. Additionally, the three slashes change from shot to shot.


  • Diedrich Bader as Batman
  • James Arnold Taylor as Green Arrow/Arges
  • Nika Futterman as Catwoman/Lashina
  • Phil Morris as Jonah Hex
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Mongul/Mongal
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Steppenwolf