Another Long Arm of the Law! is the sixty-seventh episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Air DateEdit

November 4, 2011


'Mazing Man cat-sits for a couple while they are out, but inadvertantly causes extreme damage to their home.

Main PlotEdit

When Batman learns that Bruce Wayne is wanted arrested for fraud and murder, he learns that someone might've used Bruce Wayne's name, while he heads to Istanbul to capture "Bruce Wayne", Martian Manhunter decides to investigate Bruce Wayne's "murder", and find the suspect responsible for the murder and the thievery of the Neji Statue.


  • Suspects Connected to the Thievery of Neji Statue and the Murder:
    • Plastic Man - Reason: was warned into going down the road again, and that he might go back into prison and might've gotten back with Ruby Ryder
    • Ruby Ryder - Reason: might've had O'Brien into framing Bruce Wayne for him
    • Deadshot - Reason: he might've assassinated the target and allowed "Bruce Wayne" to take the statue
  • The culprits are Clayface and Ruby Ryder, who wanted revenge on Plastic Man for abandoning her for joining Batman to learn about justice, and to do that was to frame him for "impersonating" Bruce Wayne.




  • Diedrich Bader as Batman
  • Tom Kenny as 'Mazing Man/Plastic Man/Deadshot
  • John DiMaggio as Owen
  • Cathy Cavadini as Fiona/Ruby Ryder
  • Nicholas Guest as Martian Manhunter
  • Jennifer Hale as Diane Meade
  • James Garrett as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Clayface